Ladies Night with a runner twist

Who doesn’t love a good ladies night, however this one was running themed.  I was delighted to receive the invitation from The Sports Room .  This is my second time attending different events here and they are always a super success and you are well looked after.  

Tonight EVB Sport and Brooks were in attendance to provide information on women’s products whilst running.


I have heard so much about the running pants/capri/shorts that EVB sports sell I had to try them on myself.  I normally wear capri or full length pants running so tried on the capri, As I pulled myself into them, they did feel weird as there is so much support in them.  It nearly felt like putting on cycling shorts, they were tight and come up to your belly button, they felt really comfortable and instantly felt like they were straightening up everything.  These pants were designed for the lady with pelvic floor issues and as many mums know after childbirth everything doesn’t work like it used to.  A running mum engineered these herself. They act like a sling to straighten and tighten everything, effectively lifting everything up and taking the pressure off the pelvic floor so there is no embarrassing issues.  They felt different to any normal pants I’ve worn in the past and without actually going for a run in them I cant give you an opinion on what they feel like when your running.  However,  I have numerous friends who have used them and absolutely swear by them.  They ladies in EVB are now launching underwear with support in them also.  A fantastic product that washes normally.  Check them out  not only for your pelvic floor but also for lower back issues.



Next up was the running bra from Brooks, there was 4 different bras types ranging in levels of support.  There bras have velcro straps which I liked the idea of but did have a concern whether they would leave me wobbling, however Catherine guaranteed that as there is a downward force and the velcro part is against your chest there is no real way that it can open.  Unfortunately for me being quite large chested I need something with major support, nobody wants to see these boobs flying, she suggested that the Brooks embody is suited for women with larger chests, it has a large back strap and large shoulder straps, it also has an underwire, it comes in White or Black but as running bras go, it was quite nice and feels quite sexy.  Unfortunately there was no bra available on the evening for me to try on but I definitely think my next running purchase will be this bra, I really liked the look and the design.



I cannot forget to mention the host Ciara from The Sports Room, this sports shop is hidden in the town of Wicklow but no matter what you want they have it or will get it for you.  Not just for the runner but everything for the Triathlon and Duathlon participant and also a bike shop and bike repairs.  The shop is a heaven for any person involved in sport.  They also provide gait analysis any are very comprehensive is getting you the right shoe, not just selling you anything.  Both Ciara and her husband Mark are a hive of knowledge and very approachable for any question that you may have and will give you their honest opinion, which is what is such a gem about the store.  Its not about sales its about customer service.  They recently hosted an asiscs try and run evening, where you attended to try different types of asiscs runners, then went on a 5k run to get a good feel for the runner.  This is a great benefit to actually get a decent feel for a runner.  Earlier in 2016 they also hosted a similiar brooks try and run event.  Their events wouldn’t be the same without the coffee and treats that are supplied by The Mini Coffee Company, complimentary tea/coffee/hot chocolate from the cutest mini (yes a mini car).



All in all it was a fantastic evening just for the ladies to sort all our lady bits, which are so important to take care of.  Thank you to Ciara from the Sports Room for hosting the event, Joanne from EVB Sports and Catherine from Brooks.


Jane xx