Stop the Bounce !!

This is a post for the ladies really, but if you’re a man reading this, I hope it is for research purposes for your wife, girlfriend or partner……

Being a bit endowed (34E), a running bra is a must in my running wardrobe.  Running bras can be so badly designed especially for the larger boobed lady.  They tend to hold you so tightly in place it gives you the effect of only having one boob, but being as vain as I am, I still like my boobs to look like a set of boobs even when I’m running. Large boobs can be a hindrance for running ladies as we suffer from gross boob sweat which can inturn cause that horrific chaffing, (you know that one where you get in the shower after a run and the lovely warm water drips down your body then hits the boob chaffing and you scream like something out of a horror movie with the pain).  I was out running recently whilst I passed a fellow lady runner with smaller boobs who clearly didn’t have any supportive bra on and the boobs were like window wipers going in different directions and it just didn’t look right.  Ladies running without the proper support not only looks bad but also is so bad for the boob muscles and skin, whilst your boobs are flying around the place you are stretching all the skin and tearing the muscles which in turn causes boob droop.  I have been on the hunt for the perfect AFFORDABLE and pretty running bra and one that I can purchase 3 or 4 of because I need a clean one for every run.

I have purchased many running bras over the past 3 years, and have a total of 6 bras in my collection, some which caused bad chaffing and some ugly bras.  However I have a bit of an underwear fetish (6 drawers full of bras and undies) so when I see something I like I have to buy it.  On a recent trip to find a particular colour underwear set, I happened across a new running bra.  I popped into the dressing rooms to try it on and was quite impressed with firstly the comfort, then the support and the style was really nice too.  So, I decided I would buy it and give it a try out.  When I came home, Strike 1, it was easy to put on, no hook and eye, 1 simple zip at the front, and I was quickly dressed in my running gear.  On the way out the door my husband looked at my boobs and mumbled something, on further investigation he said oh your boobs look good, Whoop strike 2, my boobs actually looked like a set of boobs.  So the real test, off for a run with my dog, I kept touching my boobs because they felt so comfortable in the bra and I was quite impressed with the comfort, Wahoo Strike 3 its comfortable, The real test was coming a downhill trail run……. would the boobs stay in place…. and we were off, me and my boobs and guess what I didn’t get any blacks eyes and boob bounce was minimal AWESOME Strike 4, they work. Delighted with myself and off home for a shower, as I stood cowering in the shower waiting for the boob chaff…… STRIKE 5 no boob chaff. And last but no means least I actually like the style of the bra, Strike 6.

So the bra I purchased was from Marks and Spencers in Dundrum and it was on sale when I purchased it for a fantastic €19, I absolutely love it, however contacting them about it they no longer have it in stock but have lots of other sports bras to choose from and the ladies in the bra section are fantastic.  In relation to the zip front, this is actually my second zip front bra and I have only once had an incident where the zip rolled down, luckily on a training run but it did make me laugh.  It is now my most valuable running asset. Lets stop the bounce 🙂  I’d love to hear ladies opinions on bras as we are all in the same swing (what a useless pun) if you know what I mean.